Welcome to Mediumystics, Your journey has began.



Hi my name is Kathryn and I would like to share my dream with you.


It is about a place where people could gather in friendship to talk about anything they wish. A haven where different ideas would come together.


A sanctuary where talented Mediums and Psychics offered their services freely to anyone. I also dreamt of a school where anyone could learn of Spiritual ideas without having to pay.


Perhaps it is an impossible dream?,  The Mediums, Psychics and Teachers would have to be at least equal to the professionals. There would need to be people to help others, as well as keeping things in order so everyone felt welcome. Strangely, once I had built my dream, the right people came without being asked.


Now, all of us at Mediumystics would like to welcome you into out dream where you might find your own.


Kathryn Ellis.


Free Readings, Free Classes, Free thinking.

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