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    Default spirit work

    Two drawings, both done by me mainly. The one on the right took me maybe 15 minutes and the one on the left took approximately 5 minutes. In both drawings I did the same amount of actual work. The extra bits such as the shape of the head, the hair and the ears were not done by me, they were done by one of my transparent friends. What makes it even more remarkable is that I was sitting about 3 feet away from it while it was done and at no time did a pencil move because I can see where I work out of the corner of my eye so I would have seen something moving. Some think of stuff materializing out of thin air as a load of hogwash, well if spirit can draw with their minds Iím sure they can make a feather or one of the more usual items appear out of nowhere just as easily. This isnít the first time they have commandeered my drawings and hopefully it wonít be the last but they are getting very good at it. I have asked whoever did it to come back and sign their work but so far it remains unsigned.
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    (((((Donald)))) that drawing on the right is alive! I look at it and can see the rest of the figure! OMG what talent and gift you have tapped into xxxx
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    I can see different people around drawing on left, beautiful work Donald,genemar

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