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    Default R2D2 Class 2 OF 2 Miss Elizabeth

    Authorised by mysticmum

    Spirit name : Elizabeth
    Age unknown : possibly 70-80s
    skin white
    hair grey high on top

    mentioned rose petals in water as being soothing to sitter.

    chinese balls pottery I ching floral. metal black with white flowers gold edges. image was shown.

    its a chance to take.
    horse in paddock a man watching cowboy black hat.
    film horse whisperer husband material dont push people away.
    a lucky horse shoe glowing.

    candle cover in white metal.

    stop being afraid of hospitals not as bad as make out life comes from them too. they are just a place to prepare people nurses are protectors linked to michael spirit guides protect us when we go there.
    love flows there too. nothing to fear feel love flowing through me all over
    celebrations of life occur. positive far out weighs any negatives. darling its ok.

    feel intense love in tummy up arms healing and washing the hurt away. felt sitter left part of self at hospital saw too much and became afraid there. lift was a fear factor and this was seen by elizabeth.

    wants to comfort sitter.

    a gemstone? or a sweet is shown radiating very bright intense uplifting energy, hope. Gods love and also for studying to help sitter with learning and work paperwork.

    yellow rock. rounded off edges.

    like the sun yet not see through looks like a sweet opal fruits.was shown looked like the sun glowing.

    does this make sense to anyone? I am still processing information myself and trying to accept its not just my mind day dreaming.
    very much hope this gives comfort its a privilege.
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