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    Default Dream interpretation

    Hi, had a dream of my husband at my mum and dads house. We were in a room and he was trying to wake up as I knew he had passed in my dream.when I asked him to wake up he said no as he was not happy. He eventually did wake up and i he was sitting in the lounge room speaking to my dad. I fully recal what they were saying but I do remember the toilet been mentioned and something about been allowed. The next thing I was driving my daughter to school but I knew she wasn't in the car. Once at school I woke up.

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    There are different types of dreams . One thing to understand is that every night we all leave our bodies and go to the astral worlds. There we talk over things that we are going through in this world etc. This is why people often dream of people that they have not seen in years or stopped talking to etc.

    Because your dream didn't take place in your home then it often has to do with the outside world. This dream in particular takes place in the astral worlds. It also seems to involve your parents.

    From what you have typed your husband seems to have a lot to deal with , problems that seem to now be impacting his life. He may not show it but its starting to effect him. The reason he seemed to appear passed to you, is this dream is saying with the help of other this situation will pass. I feel your parents will play an important part in this .

    Toilet well you flush away , things your body doesn't need in life and symbolically this means to let go or flush away things in life you don't need anymore. This can be objects ,job, friends, people, problems, your husband has to let go of some of these things that are impacting his life. You cant solve everything , in order to move forward you have to let go.

    The driving your daughter to school part is you returning to your body for another day in the school of life . She would not be with you as only you can return to your body.

    I hope that makes sense if it doesn't ignore it. xxx
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