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    Default Being of service

    Hello all lovely peeps! I hope this is the spot to post this?

    I just had a subject I would love to discuss with likeminded people as I had an epiphany the other day so please jump in!
    We all heard the term "being of service" or "letting spirit work through you" or in more religious terms "let the Holy Spirit work through you/accepting gods plan. At first we think of helping others and finding ways to service the greater good, right? Well I want to take this a step further and bring your ego into the light.
    My personal belief is that ego is all human. Ego is what we need to survive in human form but is not necessary nor a part of the spirit that we essentially are. In spirit we all work through and with spirit energy. We service and fine tune energy so it works through us...not for us(ego). We all belong to this energy so it's not separate from us but more of a flow that's harmonious yet tweaked differently depending on who we are, what our purpose may be etc.
    If we were to take this thought with us to the human plane this means that to be of service means to connect to our higher selves(no ego involved)" and let ourselves be guided by our own inspiration and being automatically supported by spirit. Not for our own selves but with our own intuition and love for what we are. If we love ourselves we love everything. That's just a fact as we all use the surrounding world only as a mirror of ourselves. (Hope this is not getting too deep for you crazy lot haha.)
    It's like a string of Christmas light. If one fails to move it forward the whole beautiful string won't light up but only the first ego one. Yes it might be a beautiful one light but not as many can be reached by it. If the energy can move forward the inspiration will spread, the creativity will blossom...The love will multiply!
    I guess ultimately being of service means to humans being yourself without ego while intentionally letting that flow, that special energy that you can tweak, spread to who/what ever needs it. (This will manifest itself in material form as well as open up minds.)

    So if you don't like soup kitchens or preschool kids doesn't make you a bad person. Being a disorganized or scared of newborns or unable to help charities doesn't make you a bad person. (It just means you might have other more human issues )
    Nothing makes you a bad person once you connect to who you truly are. Trust your heart. You will be guided by love. We are different for a reason. We have different traits for a reason. Different paths for a reason. We are ultimately only responsible for our own well being. But you are so important! You are that one beautiful purposeful light!
    Being of service means finding your self and sharing yourself as a vessel of pure energetic love. Let it work through you-not for you....❤️

    Love and light!
    Ina xo
    “Everything you can imagine is real.” -Pablo Picasso

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