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    Default Following The Stars

    Following the stars

    In empty hollows
    In dark corners
    In waters troubled with turmoil
    may not where you will find your peace
    But the building blocks to lighten the skies
    Brighten the leaves
    Filling your plates
    And turn your boat around
    With gifts for all and everything

    Our greatest treasure resides with you
    Traveling with great intent
    Steering your ship without fear
    Longing for the ride to be fruitful
    Stay in the sweet sunlight for just an extra moment...
    Still, your vessel will keep going...

    In the vast oceans, your heart is accountable
    for your true success

    Let your mind steer you right
    Your ship take you places
    You've never knew existed

    Take care of those pure moments
    Looking at the stars
    Know you will touch them
    When it's time to come home

    Ina xo
    “Everything you can imagine is real.” -Pablo Picasso

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