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    Default Shielding

    All times of the year can be exhausting for those of us who are sensitive to the emotions and energy coming from other people.

    By creating an energy shield between yourself and the world, you can filter out much of this unwanted chaos.

    Here are several shielding techniques that you might try. All of these techniques follow the same method of creation: simply calm and centre yourself as much as possible, then imagine, see or feel theshield forming and coming into being. At first you may need to work on creating your shield through meditation or visualisation. In time, it will only take a few seconds for the shield to come into place, simply by thinking about it.

    The Egg

    The Egg is often used, mostly because it's very effective The idea is to imagine yourself surrounded by an "egg" of energy made of any material you like: silk, tree leaves, wood, etc. (or just plain light). Imagine that every time you breath out, you reinforce the egg. The idea is, instead of YOU creating it and recreating it all day, it is created by the outward breaths you make naturally. Every time you breath out, it reinforces the energy shield. In this way you don't have to work at it and you don't have to drain your own energy.

    The Wall

    Another technique is to build an energy wall, again made out of whichever material feels right to you, that "bounces" the negative energy from the other person. This one, of course, is not a filter,but a protective shield since bouncing precludes any information getting to you.


    Another technique is to imagine yourself immersed in a waterfall or a"lightfall" (where light pours from the Sun around your body) and washes away energy that tries to cling to you.

    Wall of Silk

    Another shield is to imagine constantly moving silk squares all around your body, constantly shifting and flowing,so that energy has to take a longer route to reach the "inner you." This allows the energy to expend itself on trying to get past all the silk fabric moving back and forth, and by the time it gets to you it's a weaker signal.

    Meditation of Protection/Room of the Soul

    Take a moment now to try this simple shielding exercise. Imagine yourself surrounded by a lovely room with wooden ceilings, floors, walls that glow beautifully. Take a moment to make this room feel real. This is your Room of the Soul. Add a lamp, a bookcase,some crystals, perhaps burn some incense. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and insightful and calm. Imagine, see or feel yourself sitting in this room on the most comfortable chair you've ever sat upon. Imagine that there are windows across one wall, windows that you can open and close, windows with screens on them to filter out the air and energy that enters your room. Know that you are safe and protected in your room, that you can still look out the windows and observe the world,but that the world cannot come inside without your permission.

    Guides and Guardian Angels

    The final technique is just to imagine that your Guide, or Guardian Angel (or whatever works for you) is holding you in an embrace, and all energy enters him/her/it first so that you only receive the level you can manage that will not harm you.
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    This is great, thanks

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    Thank You for this☺

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