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Thread: Spirit Children

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    Default Spirit Children

    The passing of a child is always a terrible tragedy for the parents, who may feel their offspring have been denied the opportunity to grow up.
    But children do grow up in the Spirit World, looked after by members of their families or by souls or guardians, specially chosen to do this work.

    Their Etheric bodies grow as they would have on the Earth Plane, the Etheric Body is a fully working one, even if the physical one didn't work very well, or was incomplete in some way.
    The Etheric body includes the mind, which is not dependent on the existence of a physical brain, whether in physical working order or not.

    Part of their education is to return as Spirit, to what would have been their earthly home, to know a little of earthly joys and affections. They show how love still blooms within the soul.
    They are often able to communicate with those on the Earth Plane and may remain closely in touch with their parents on earth, and develop into beautiful souls who can bring much comfort and enlightenment.

    These children, as they grow up in spiritual and harmonious surroundings, delight in helping others, and performing other tasks which they know will accelerate their progress.
    As they develop their spiritual abilities, these innocents are the teachers and helpers of those with difficulties on the Earth Plane, or for the spiritually ignorant or unenlightened who pass into the world of spirit in that state.
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    Thanks Apollo. I'm sure that this information will be entirely helpful for those who are missing children that have gone home to Spirit.
    In some ways, I half-wish I could let my parents know about this because I know that they still miss my older brother who passed to Spirit when very young.
    My mum does most especially on that. But it is what it is. They probably won't know until they return home to spirit now...which is a shame, but sometimes
    people are like that in life and tend to clam up when they don't know or understand things as well.

    I'm the only one that believes in my family about this work and practice it living, as far as I know, (other than my grandfather and the other loved ones that have returned home to the Spirit World).
    I believe that children in spirit can also guide other children and sometimes are more playful and are similar to faery angelic energy in the sense that some are very mischievous in personality, shall we say.

    But this is a fab post for someone learning about spirit children and children as spirit guides as well.
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