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    Default Hi could someone give me a reading please

    Hi I was hopeing someone could give me a reading please

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    (((( Staceyboo )))) Welcome to Mediumystics

    We hope you enjoy yourstay with us, and look forward to getting to know you.

    You should say Hi in the Introductions Forum!!!

    I see you found the forum section where you can either request a dream interpretation, a card reading, or post a picture of yourself and request a picture reading. There should be no one else in the picture. Following your initial reading request you can post again for a reading providing you have been either actively posting non reading requests in the forums, or chatting in Mediumystics chatrooms for the 30 preceding days.

    It's one reading request per month for members.
    No Relationship advice allowed in any Reading.
    Our readers cannot sort out your love lives.
    It is advised not to think a reading will solve your problems.

    Readers cannot give readings on pregnancies, deaths or medical problems we would advise you come and have a chat in the rooms with one of our healers and/or seek to see your doctor.
    Readers may relate glimpses of future possibilities, however we all have free will, nothing is set in stone.
    Our interactions with other people’s choices and actions along with our own may alter any future possibilities because the future is fluid and always changeable.

    Here's a quick rundown of the chatrooms which are generally busiest between 8pm and midnight UK time, although people pop in and out all day.

    We have a general chat room, where we let our hair down and often have a bit of fun. We suggest you go to that room first and let us know you are new.

    We will then invite you to the New Members Room, then we can have a quiet chat with you and explain the classes and rooms. The classes are for all stages of development, and we hope to see you there.There are lots of opportunities to read and also be read during classes.

    When attending classes don’t chat or interrupt readings. Also don’t ask for a reading unless the Teacher asks for a volunteer.

    The chatroom button is along the top of this page on the blue bar. There is a calendar with lists of the classes:-

    We also advertise on MediuMystics facebook page with daily classes and events
    There is a clock in the forums with all the different time zones to help you confirm class times

    Please read before asking for a reading
    Click this link to read the site guidelines. This will also tell you all you need to know
    Also check out theChat Room FAQ
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    Hi Stacey,

    Welcome to Mediumystics,

    I love your picture, it is like half of you is hiding and half of you is on view. A very private person that has contradictions and duplicity going on, You like one thing but you do another, you want something but you are working towards something else. Your energies seem to be rather confusing, I sense that you are blocking the energies, and most probably this is a natural thing for your soul to do for you.

    You look concerned, looking backwards towards past events, wondering if you did the right thing or if you should’ve changed your mind to that last minute thought. I see you resting, relaxing in an armchair and then you get up and fling everything behind you and take the step to physically move on and follow your heart.

    You have goals and dreams and you let them slide because of others but you know that you can achieve them all with a little more hard work. Just need concentration and determination to help you get there.

    Everyone has an aura and yours is very colourful, you are surrounded by bright dancing swirls of colour, as if the energy patterns are now happy that someone has reached out to you and given you a nudge. Listen to those inner most thoughts, talk to your guide and listen quietly to the answers. There is a lot of hidden energy within you, and you just need to moderate a little how it is channelled, and where it is directed, look at using this excess energy in helping others, it will make you feel comforted too.

    Hope you enjoyed your reading

    Many Blessings x
    ~*~ "Just when you are about to give up, miracles happen." ~*~

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