There are arguments for and against the meaning of numbers, if any meaning at all. People will see numbers and think that there must be some special meaning behind them because numbers have always been looked upon as something slightly mystical. There are magic squares (apparently) and magic numbers but have they all just made up by some ancient mystical seer in the dark and misty past to give some credence to what they say? Just as these psychics (for that’s what they were) would cast the bones or peer into a fire for inspiration. Are there mystical numbers with specific meanings passed down to us by the Angels? Apparently so, according to a great number of Angel followers. But does it really matter because the world needs a little bit of magic in it and if numbers provide you with a little bit of mystique then that’s fine but I wouldn’t rely too heavily on books that profess to give you the ‘true magical meanings behind numbers’. If they did indeed have the ‘true magical meaning’ they would hardly be on sale for a few pounds or dollars at your local bookstore. Personally I don’t believe in numbers other than to keep a check on how many fingers and toes I have but that is my choice, not yours.