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Thread: Class Etiquette

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    Default Class Etiquette

    Class Information from the Site Guidelines

    We strongly recommend and promote Grounding/Protecting/Cleansing on site, and this is used in most of our classes, If you would like help with this please let us know

    While attending class if you are not going to be at your pc/tablet/mobile for whatever reason could you please take your name out of the class room so that the Teacher and other members know where to concentrate their energies

    Classes are about learning, practice and confidence building, no one is guaranteed a reading in class.

    Please can we ask that we leave the class teacher to help the sitter and reader while a reading is in progress. If anyone has any questions or comments while in class please type Q for Question or C to comment. The teacher will them come to you at the appropriate time in class

    Sitter's can you answer in one of three ways
    1. Yes = Yes, means the information is understood and accepted
    2. No = if it is not understood or you just do not know, then say so
    3. I do not know, or I do not understand The sitter must not provide any information to the reader to lead or feed them

    Please remember time given by teachers is voluntary

    If you would like to offer to hold a class either in UK time or USA or Australian times please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for people to share their gift and knowledge. Many are starting their spiritual journey and Mediumystics has always been a good learning ground for them.
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