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    Default The Mystic's Journey

    (a fairly long read just to fair warn those that read it! -Enjoy!)

    Cherry trees blossom as the sunlit path weaves around
    The corner of the snow-capped mountain’s crested hill
    And while this sun-kissed path curves into a smile,
    On it a guiding mystic travels, her barely silent footsteps
    Journeys on, not wanting to be found, for fear her voice
    Once heard would make her stop to make a sound

    Angels, Oh, Angels, she would say in her mantra of positivity
    Continue guiding me here and far away, through the difference
    Of our lives, continue guiding me so that I can pray to help
    Strangers realise that YES You are here and you exist!
    And really, in reality, may anyone that hears your call
    Feel gracious, humble and accepts you all
    To be heartfelt as your heart has said, to relay
    All that’s needed without fear being the root of honesty
    But to shield you and them, both in love, trust, and perfect harmony

    So this mystic walked far away off into the prospective night
    And from her journeying, she realised, that life was not Life
    Without living through the daylight, so from the storyteller on this morn’
    Were very two different stories that were born, and both of which,
    That told of an unwritten fable that was told to the worthy and the able
    That spoke of a love as old as Father Time and which told of trust within
    The Earth that never before had been fulfilled to a dream amongst many
    That adjusted a new beginning and vision born unto one with the mystic
    That walked beneath the sun

    Yes, that mystic could be me, you, or even the male…
    (That sat in the corner with his brisket and ale)
    That could be doused with the sovereign of the moon
    That could not be listening to his, hers, or your heart, anytime soon
    That could be suffering like you or them, but knowing when to tell someone
    And when to be friends; safe in the knowledge that support is there
    Is a voice of an earth angel or a medium who cares
    And bringing these messages of love and joy through from our loved ones
    That we pass from Spirit unto you, is part of the work that is forever true
    To ourselves and our heart, in which Love always lasts!

    Starry-eyed gazes alight upon us as we foretell of a journey
    That restores the faith and the trust, with both parts of the story
    As the earth-shattering truth encourages us through the night
    As we revisit our family and look back at our youth
    Peaceful Tears heal within as the heart is well-rested
    Happy Tears heal again as the mind is well-bested
    And the mystic has found a home; its the soul that lets her know
    That even she has been tested….
    But home will always be where the heart is
    As mediums learn this too; its different from what it means to me
    And it will be different again in what it means entirely to you

    The blossom from the trees carries the Mystic’s voice in
    As a gentling whisper on the wings of the wind
    And its as this is translated, the Mystic’s word is fated
    As the world awaits; their breath baited
    The Mystic continues, her stride, belated

    The blossoms fly on high peacefully on a journey from beyond the sky
    And as we settle again to talk with friends, this journey has reached
    A peaceful end, because that’s all that’s really need to be said
    Fill your heart with love, but not with negative dread
    Set aside your worries and cast your burdens be
    Allow Angels, Mediums, Earth Angels to help you
    And forever in your heart, be free…
    To journey on forward to your destiny!

    Cindra 19/03/2017

    Oh and if anyone wants to blog this post in case its still taking up space on the forums,
    please feel free to move it over there. Thanks though folks. Happy to share!
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    The Universe Is A Vast Place Of Positive Energy. Be Wise, Be Courageous and Just Be Yourself.

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