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    Talking Hands dragging me back

    A few days ago, my alarm woke me up as usual. Instead of getting up straight away I lay in bed for a while. Then I 'got up' but I was actually still in bed. It was as if I had fallen asleep and was dreaming about getting up. It was so vivid I still question whether it was a dream or not. I remember the room was dark and I was trying to find my slippers even though it was too dark to see anything. My eyes were so heavy and tired. Then I felt a pair of hands (or maybe more) on my shoulders pulling me back into bed. And then I woke up in reality but I could still feel where the hands had been. The hands were benevolent, I wasn't scared but I still shouted and protested. It was very strange and I'd like to make sense of it.

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    As per the Site Guidelines and also the post on your profile on 29th October

    and Please Read Before Asking For A Reading,

    your reading request that was posted today has been closed as you are not active in either the forums or the chatrooms.

    Members need to have been either actively posting non reading requests in the forums, or chatting in Mediumystics chat rooms for the 30 preceding days before a reading request will be considered.
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