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Thread: spirit guides

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    Default spirit guides

    Hi I want to know who my spirit guide is or guardian angel. Can anyone help me to find out

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    HeightinS - This is for you to find out and to get to know your Guide in time, but not just what they look like, their personality, their ways of teaching and then combine them and link them with yours for a strong bond. Some will say it is a family member which I don't feel is true as a Guide is there for our Mediumship needs but of course a friend or family member who love us dearly may wish to be one of our "helpers" and yes I believe that. I have been told that we "dress" our guides on how we would like to see them ie American Indian, Priest, Egyptian etc but remember material items are not important to the spirit world and if we concentrate on that aspect aren't we missing this "bond" I just mentioned. Some people say they can give you a Guide reading but how do you prove it is correct or incorrect ?, I asked the same question around 4 years ago and was told I am not going to give you a Guide reading and given the same explanation, but I do now know who my Guide is and his personality and was then described a Gent, clothing very similar to this gent and gave a message that I had discussed with this Guide the day before - now to me that is proof as it confirmed by beliefs of what my guide looked like, personality and a previous this I feel is the best method. If you are still determined to have a Guide read then my Tutor did say do not accept a Guide's description unless it has been given identical 3 times in a row- surely then they are reading your Guide

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    I totally agree with R2. Guide readings are not allowed to be given during services or circles within spiritual churches as they are not evidential, they cannot be verified in the same manner as when receiving a message from a passed family member or friend within spirit.

    Churches sometimes hold special events and workshops to meet, or strengthen the bond with your guides. These workshops generally involve meditation/visualisations.

    Meet your guide classes are often held within our chatrooms. These generally take the form of a visualisation where your guide draws in close, and then you ask them questions such as who are you, where are from, how are you going to be working with me. There is a special connection between yourself and your guide(s) and you need to communicate with them just as you would with a person in the everyday world.

    Again if receiving a guide reading from anywhere, then you need to be given the same information from 3 separate individual readers before even considering it to be possibly a true indication as to your guides identity.

    There is a blog in forums by Audrey which describes how you can create a safe place which would be ideal for meeting your guide One Step at a Time ..........Creating a Safe Room
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