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    CERT is a tool that we use for training purposes and it can help a medium stay focused.

    Using CERT the medium can provide the 4 elements and information required to prove a genuine communication from spirit and that the human personality continues after that physical stage we call death.

    C Communicator

    E Evidence

    R Reason

    T Tie it up

    C Communicator

    This is the human personality, from the spirit world, who is communicating with the medium and is usually a relative, a loved one or a friend of, and is often known by, the sitter.

    The communicator is encouraged to supply as much information that is necessary to be recognised and accepted by the sitter. The communicator needs to provide enough information so that his/her identity is proven to the sitter.

    The information given should be along the lines of:

    ∑ Appearance

    ∑ Height

    ∑ Weight

    ∑ Build

    ∑ Hair colouring and style

    ∑ Skin colour

    ∑ Colour of eyes

    ∑ Age

    ∑ How the person died

    ∑ Illnesses

    ∑ Work

    ∑ Clothing and style

    ∑ Relationship to the sitter

    ∑ Name

    ∑ Any other details given.

    E Evidence

    Once the identity has been established then more information is necessary to further identify the personality and to prove that the spirit person is aware of both past, including recent past, and present events in the sitterís life and circumstances.

    The information should and could include:-

    ∑ Hobbies

    ∑ Mannerisms

    ∑ Idiosyncrasies

    ∑ Past memories

    ∑ Shared memories

    ∑ Recent events

    ∑ Information known to the sitter and not known sometimes

    ∑ Illnesses in the family

    ∑ Events affecting the sitter and family members

    ∑ Any other information given to the medium

    R Reason

    This section covers the reason the spirit person is communicating.

    Such reasons could be :-

    To provide reassurance to the sitter

    To provide support

    To simply say "we are aware of what is happening"

    To provide hope and comfort to a grieving relative or loved one

    To provide evidence that the human personality continues after death

    To provide upliftment to the sitter

    To attempt to guide and advise the sitter.

    Whatever information is given to the medium

    T Tie it up

    Tying the communication up and bringing all the elements together. Perhaps giving reassurance from the communicator to the sitter about the sitterís recent problems and worries.

    Perhaps simply saying "I love you and care for you" or the giving of a gift from spirit.

    NB Remember that a mediumís role is to provide evidence of survival of the human personality beyond the physical state we call death, and anything else is a bonus.

    Communicator - Reason - Evidence - Tie it up
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