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    Post question. . help and direction please

    Hello...I just have an odd question. I have a few things that happen all the time to me and do not know who to talk to.

    1. If I walk in a cemetery I get physically ill. I get dizzy and hear what sounds like the sound you get in a loss concert. You know people are talking but you cannot make it out. Every time I go in the cemetery this happens. Now it has started happening to my daughter (17 @ the time it started with her)
    2. I see animals in our home that are not there. See them out of the corner of my eye and when I look. .. they are gone BUT they are not shadows. ...I can tell you what color they are.
    3. This is the oddest thing. ..I KNOW what to do medically for people when they are hurt or sick. I have never had any professional training but I know exactly what is wrong and if they need to go to doctor or ER. I have done everything from dealing with bumps and bruises to conclusions and broken bones. I can PHYSICALLY tell where a person hurts just by touch. I am able to feel the difference in temperature of only a fraction of a degree. I just put my hand in them and I can tell exactly where the pain is. Then I just know what to do add if I have been a doctor. Sometimes I have argued with medical professionals ( ambulance EMTs) in what was wrong and what should be done and I am RIGHT.

    Can someone tell me what is going on? Is there something different about me or special?
    I am happy that I can do this but would like to get better at it and don't know who to talk to.
    Sorry so long!

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    To question 1 and 2 your a psychic and medium.

    To 3 I would love to have you around right now . A doctor 37 years made a big error , due to refusing to call an ambulance the other week I now face a battery of test and a fight to get a cat scan, because the moment they hear the words medical negligence they run even though I said I wont sue them. Having someone like you around with the wonderful ability you have would be like winning the lotto .

    Treasure those gifts you have earned them which is why your able to do the things you do. Carry on helping others.

    I think there maybe a few of us that would want to call round for coffee and a check up . Maybe your calling in life is open a business that involves healing and helping others. I don't know if you have learnt yet how to channel healing energy to help others if not we have many healers on site that can help you .
    Everything is an illusion. With every action you create your future. With every thought you create your destiny. The only real thing is love. When you hurt another person you hurt yourself, When you forgive another person you forgive yourself. Many seek the holy grail, but you already have it. Wake up from the world of dreams you live in. Then you will find the answers you have always wanted.

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    In my opinion:

    1) Cemetry is a haven to ghouls - ghouls are not what we have seen on ghost busters - ghouls are areas of negative energy which graveyards are full of. Ghoul's are created by sadness and negativity. However, I would not go so far as to saying that the spirits of the deceased are talking to you due to the place you were standing. Saying that however, I had a lovely little chat with a baby girl who was buried in a grave yard... Perhaps when you are next in a graveyard, ask them to speak slower and one at a time. Protect and ground yourself loads first tho. Then try to channel the voices and ask one at a time.

    2) This is past animals coming to visit, whether they are your pets or previous occupiers pets. They are ghosts, i.e. a recording of their life which they relive. I see animals all the time !!

    3) Congrats !! like Astral said, you are a natural born healer and Empath. You could make a little side line business for yourself as a healer x

    Enjoy your gifts but be cautious about entering graveyards.

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